A message from our Leadership

Welcome to St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy (PMA)! We are proud to offer a truly authentic Catholic education that provides students with both the intellectual and moral foundations of a spiritual, scholastic, and social experience inspired by Christian gospel values.  Our community is dedicated to helping you find your true meaning and mission in this world through your God given talents and abilities. 

We believe that faith is intimately connected to knowledge. Faith’s validity stands or falls with the validity of the knowledge to which it is tied. Welcoming students from various faith backgrounds, we strive to inspire you to “recognize your significance” at PMA by pursuing the love God has for you as seen most especially through the gift of your life.  Believing in this truth, you will grow to understand the source of your self-worth as being loved by God. Have PRIDE in knowing that you are so special. 

Through a rigorous academic program, each student is expected to succeed within the bounds of their abilities and chosen educational goals. In the classroom, in athletic competition, on the performance stage, and in their lives we expect the achievement of high standards by all, as we challenge our students to find their PURPOSE in life, forming them to become servant leaders in the world and their community. We trust that the knowledge gained through our program and each student’s intellectual curiosity will motivate them to become life-long learners and architects of their dreams. 

We are proud to serve in a community that not only cultivates the gifts and talents of our students bring but also instills in them a lifelong commitment to service. We also offer our thanks and appreciation for your trust in PMA and our great faculty and staff. Our work together will undoubtedly ensure that PMA continues to thrive as a Catholic high school for many years to come.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Dr. Christian De Larkin, President

Mrs. Veronica Zozaya, Principal