Mission, Vision, Motto, & ISOs

Graduation at Smet Stadium


The mission of St. Pius X – St. Matthias Academy is to provide a challenging Catholic college preparatory education in a supportive learning community that will positively affect the lives of teenagers, and provide opportunities for all students to grow in faith, learn without limits, and live with a purpose.


St. Pius X - St. Matthias Academy will excel in creating a Catholic educational environment wherestudents recognize their significance in our school community, are encouraged and supported to seize opportunities to grow and lead, emerging as empowered, faith inspired and contributing citizens of their community and the world.  We will be known for visionary leadership; innovative and passionate educators; inspired, tenacious and optimistic students; supportive families and an engaged community.

School Motto

Pride – Virtue – Purpose

Pride arising from humility & service where:

  • Students will understand the source of their self-worth as being loved by God.
  • Students will share their God given gifts with the school and global community.

Virtue shaped by faith & morals where:

  • Students will deepen their faith through knowledge and experience.

Purpose driven by goals and determination where:

  • Students will become holistic learners who exhibit perseverance and self-motivation.
  • Graduates will emerge poised to succeed in college, career, and life.

Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)

St. Pius X – St. Matthias Academy's ISO's are the educational outcomes that it hopes all of its students will achieve by the time they graduate.  They were developed using the acronym PIOUS which, by definition is marked by or showing reverence for deity and devotion to divine worship.  The ISO's set the direction for the school's educational and co-curricular programs. A PMA graduate:

Pursues academic excellence

Invests in responsible decision making

Overcomes adversity

Upholds faith through service

Strives to think critically and communicate effectively