PMA Online Bookstore

Instructions for accessing the PMA Online Bookstore
1. Click the PMA Online Bookstore button above. This will take you to the online bookstore page.
2. Student must login using their PMA email address (Note: If the student is already logged into their PMA email address it will just take them to - they will not be prompted to login again)
3. Once logged in, click on the Google App Launcher Icon, and select the App titled St Pius X St Matthias Academy Bookstore (see image below)

Students are expected to purchase their materials from the PMA online bookstore to ensure they have the correct materials. Shopping on amazon and other external sources can result in buying resources that do not have the proper supplemental components such as activation codes.

All materials listed under a given course are required, unless the term recommended is stated.

The timeline for receipt of materials is based on the delivery option that you select. All materials are sent to the location you designate when completing the transaction (such as your home).

Students should have their textbooks in possession by August 16th (there will be a small grace period after this date to have your books).