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Students Attend Girls In Ocean Science Conference

PMA Students had the unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in the wide world of ocean science at the Girls In Ocean Science Conference at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. 
Science teachers Ms. Washington and Ms. Gomez took: Esmeralda Campos (11th), Estella Chavarria (10th), Marta Chavarria (10th), Susana Gonzalez (11th), Seina Hala (11th), Lexi Hernandez (11th), Paola Hernandez (11th), Alejandra Rodriguez (11th), and Genesis Ruezga (11th) for a day of learning and discovery. 

At the GIOS Conference the girls had the opportunity to interact with several different Women in Science and learn about the Climate Control Project, Coding, and Marine Biology Species Monitoring Techniques. The girls also got to go out to the ocean on a boat to see whales and sea lions. While on the  boat the girls got also learned:
  • How to identify phytoplankton and zooplankton while observing an ocean sample.
  • Ocean Mammal Physiology (i.e. how ocean mammals can breath under water for extended periods of time)
  • How to evaluate the health of ocean sediment by investigating the biodiversity found in the sediment.
  • The importance of empowering each other as women in science and networking.

It was a wonderful experience and the girls had a great time!


Photos and Information courtesy of Ms. Washington