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Important Announcement


July 16, 2017

Dear PMA Parents,

There has been tremendous progress in the growth of St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy (PMA) over the last few years through the efforts of the entire school community comprised of the advisory board, administration, faculty, staff, parents, students, alumni, and extended PMA community.  We have made enhancements to our school programming all geared towards the goal of best serving our students while experiencing remarkable growth in our student population and greater engagement from members of the community who are supportive of our efforts.

While we are positioned to meet our strategic goals and initiatives for our continued future growth, we are at a stage in our growth that requires a modification of our administrative structure in order to be most effective in the ministry and services we provide. Dr. Kevin Baxter, our Superintendent of Catholic Schools, has announced that beginning with this upcoming 2017-18 school year, PMA will be piloting a President-Principal administrative model in order to meet the projected needs of the school community and ensure sustained growth.  The primary purpose of the pilot is to study the model which will involve external research and professional development to ensure its success. 

In this model, the role and duties of principal of PMA will transition to our current Vice Principal, Mrs. Zozaya who has been appointed principal in this new pilot. As Principal, Mrs. Zozaya will be responsible for the academic and co-curricular growth of the school programming while maintaining daily operations at optimal levels.    I am honored to continue to serve the PMA community as President. My duties will be focused on the spiritual development, fiscal management, and overall mission advancement of the school through the expansion of charitable and community resources. In addition, I have asked Mr. Delgado, our current Admissions & Marketing Director, to serve as an Assistant Principal to Mrs. Zozaya. In this role he will continue his duties in ensuring growth in enrollment and overseeing the schools admissions & marketing efforts, while supporting the principal in the oversight of athletics programs. 

The pilot will ensure the school continues the practice of setting measurable goals and benchmarks. We are honored to have been selected as a pilot for this model and we enthusiastically support the efforts of the Department of Catholic Schools in exploring this model for other schools in the future. I am confident that with your support of these efforts, we will experience greater growth in our PMA community and better fulfill our mission of proclaiming the Gospel through Catholic education while providing a more sustainable model for future generations at PMA.  Thank you for manifesting the values of Catholic education through your support and trust in serving your teenager.


Erick Rubalcava