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Counseling Department

The mission of our counseling department is to assist students in being holistic learners by pursuing academic excellence and integrating self-advocacy and leadership. The counseling staff provides support to every student and parent/guardian in academic, personal/social, and career counseling. Together with all communities, the counseling staff collaborates to encompass a positive and innovative learning environment, highlighting a college-going culture.
Through partnerships with all key stakeholders, St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy Academic & College Counseling Department will prepare students to become graduates who will emerge poised to succeed in college, career, and life. Our students will advance and prosper in order to contribute to the global community. We believe all students can succeed and we support the pursuit of their goals by:
  • Discovering purpose
  • Encouraging self-actualization
  • Promoting balance
  • Teaching advocacy
Students are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with their counselor. To schedule an appointment please contact your grade level counselor via email or use the appointment request sign up form located inside the counseling department offices. Students may also visit the College and Career Center (CCC) during the designated hours of operation to receive support from the Counseling Department. Please Check your College & Career Google Classroom frequently to receive updates and information from the Counseling Department.
Parents are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with their son/daughter's counselor. To schedule an appointment please contact your son/daughter's grade level counselor via email or phone. The Counseling Department can also respond to your questions via email. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Throughout the school year the Counseling Department will be hosting a variety of events dedicated to providing parents and students with information and support.
Throughout the year, the Counseling Department gives many presentations to students and parents about academics and college readiness. If you missed a presentation, click below to download a copy. 

Counseling Partners of Los Angeles (CPLA) offers a comprehensive school-based counseling program and support services, providing the tools, support and oversight essential to ensure the greatest opportunity for every PMA student to grow toward their full potential emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially. CPLA strives to have students, parents, teachers, and counselors actively involved in nurturing student’s success and wellbeing by providing an exceptional level of support, expertise and oversight. CPLA is committed to success for every student every day. There is no additional cost for counseling services as it is one of the programs offered by PMA. The counselors see students that are referred by faculty, parents, and the students themselves. You can refer your child for any academic, social, or emotional concerns. A consent form must be on file in order for a student to receive ongoing services, if needed. Please click on the link below to fill out an Informed Consent.


Please note-If you want to refer your son/daughter to CPLA, please contact Ms Valenzuela by phone (562)  861-2271 extension 2216  or email 

CPLA Counselors:
Mr. Jacob Costa 
Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:30am-3pm
Ms Sandrinha Cruz 
Tuesdays and Fridays, 7:30am-3pm
Ms Karina Gallardo 
Thursdays, 7:30am-3pm