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Advanced Placement and Honors

At St. Pius X- St. Matthias Academy, honors courses are offered in our English, Mathematics, and Science Departments. Many of these courses have been identified by the UC and CSU systems as qualifying for honors credit (i.e. extra points in the calculation of weighted grade point average). Our Advanced Placement (AP) courses are designed to prepare students for taking the AP exam, which determines a student's eligibility for college credit. Students enrolled in AP course are required to take the AP exam in that subject in May.

Students with the following prerequisites met qualify to apply for honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses: cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, B (85%) or better in prerequisite course(s), and qualifying PSAT Scores. Student that wish to apply for acceptance to honors and AP courses must submit a complete Honors/AP Application (student information, course request, student academic profile, & statement of intent), obtain a teacher recommendation, and take the subject test assessment.

To be accepted into honors and AP Courses students must meet 4 out of the 5 following criteria:
  • Cumulative GPA (3.0) or better.
  • B (85%) or better in prerequisite courses.
  • Qualifying PSAT scores.
  • Positive teacher recommendation
  • Pass subject test assessment


Honors Courses (2017-2018) Advanced Placement Courses (2017-2018)

English 9 Honors
English 10 Honors


Algebra I Honors

Geometry Honors
Algebra II Honors



Biology Honors

Chemistry Honors









AP English Literature and Composition

AP English Language and Composition


AP Calculus AB


AP Biology

Social Science:

AP European History

AP Psychology
AP U.S. Government and Politics
AP U.S. History


World Languages:
AP Spanish Language and Culture


Note: The number of Honors and AP courses offered is based on the interest and needs of the students.
Besides the AP classes we offer for the 2017-2018 school year, we are actively planning to add more AP classes over the next 4 years. 
AP Information Night Presentation