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Campus Ministry


At St. Pius X - St. Matthias Academy, we seek to foster spiritual formation and growth in personal character. Our goal is to fully integrate religious education and spiritual formation into every aspect of the academic environment. Deeply grounded in the Roman Catholic tradition, Pius Matthias guides its students’ spiritual journey through prayer, a vibrant sacramental life, academic instruction in the faith, all-school liturgies, frequent retreats and regular opportunities for community service.

Our two-fold aim is to support the family in its role as the primary religious educator of its children, and the parish as a dynamic wellspring of Catholic culture and life with the goal that each young person fully embrace his or her vocation in the Church. To that end, we encourage Pius Matthias students to participate in the communal, sacramental and apostolic life of their local parish.

Campus Ministry’s mission is to foster student attraction and commitment to the values of the Gospel. Students are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Christ and the Church through participation in:

  • Morning Mass (Tuesday)
  • Monthly All-School Mass
  • Monthly Eucharistic Adoration
  • Quarterly Reconciliation Services
  • Grade-level Retreats
  • Christian Service
  • Altar Serving
  • Active Participation in liturgies
  • Liturgical Choir
  • XLT Worship Nights 
  • Faith Fridays


Campus Ministry provides an “ear” for students who need someone with whom to talk. Students are always welcome to make an appointment or walk in and spend time with one of our Campus Ministers.

Leadership Opportunities

Many Campus Ministry programs are directed and administered by students. Such responsibility affords students valuable training and an opportunity to practice leadership, which we hope they will take with them to their future parishes and apostolates. Leadership opportunities consist of: Campus Ministry Club, Retreat Leaders, Music Ministry, Altar Serving and many more.


Retreats allow students to focus and deepen their interior lives through an encounter with the living God . All students have the opportunity to participate in several off-campus retreats offered throughout their experience at St. Pius X - St. Matthias Academy.