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Current Parents


We, at St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy, consider it a privilege to work with parents in the education of their children because we believe parents are the primary educators of their children; "Parents are the first and most important educators of their own children, and they also possess a fundamental competence in this area: they are educators because they are parents." (1994 Letter to Families Pope John Paul II). Therefore, it is your right and your duty to become the primary role models for the development of your child's life-physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. Your choice of St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy involves a commitment and exhibits a concern for helping your teenager to recognize God as the greatest good in their life.







Week of Feb. 23-29, 2020

This weekly update is provided as a courtesy to keep the PMA community informed about various school activities and announcements for the upcoming week. These updates are also found under the current families tab on the PMA website and are sent to the email and phone number on file with our registrar’s office.

From the President: 
 Mr. Rubalcava

562-861-2271 ext. 1012

  • ASH WEDNESDAY: This Wednesday, February 26th, is Ash Wednesday and Christians around the world begin the season of Lent.  We invite parents and families to join us as we enter our Lenten journey with Holy Mass at 9:43 am in the Gymnasium. Students must be in formal uniform.
  • LENTEN PROGRAM OF PRAYER: As we begin the season of Lent, we invite you to view Preparing for LENT. We encourage all PMA families to participate in our annual  LENTEN PROGRAM OF PRAYER, PENANCE, and CHARITY. Let us enter this season as a community of faith praying for each other as we recommit to go deeper in relationship with Jesus.
  • BOY'S BASKETBALL HEADED TO CIF FINALS:  Congratulations to the PMA Boy's Basketball Team who defeated Eastside Lancaster last Friday and are headed to the CIF Finals Championship Game on Saturday Feb. 29th at 7pm vs. Oakwood School. Please plan to come out and show your Warrior Pride and support our student athletes and coaches. More details will be forthcoming throughout the week. Location is pending at this time.
From the Principal: 
 Mrs. Zozaya

562-861-2271 ext. 1015


Dear PMA Parents, 

Have a wonderful and Blessed weekend. 

God Bless you always, Mrs. Zozaya 

Important Dates to Remember

  • February 26: Mass (parents are welcome)

February 27: Early dismissal 

February 27 & 28: Junior Retreat (Overnight)


  • PMA Parent/Student Car Show - Service Hours Opportunity- sign up here
  • Mother/Student Brunch - This event is sold out.  If you would like to participate in the talent show during the brunch, please contact Ms. Santos (see below).
  • Ms. Santos / / ext. 1022


From the Vice Principal: 
 Moises  Delgado`s profile picture
 Mr. Delgado

562-861-2271 ext. 1010

  • Lost and Found: If you are missing any items such as sweaters, school polos, jackets, eyeglasses, electronic devices or any other items please check with Mr. Delgado to claim those items.  We have several items that have been turned in and have gone unclaimed.
  • Attendance Reminder:  If your student will be missing school, we ask that you call or email Ms. Palacios at by 8:30am of the day he/she will be absent.  The student is required to bring a written note (no email) with a parent signature or doctor’s note stating the reason for the absence the day they return to school.  Otherwise, the absence will be marked as Unexcused.
From the Business/Tuition Office: 
 Jose  Barba`s profile picture
 Mr. Barba

562-861-2271 ext. 1004


 Teresa  Garcia`s profile picture

Mrs. Garcia

562-861-2271 ext. 1023

  • REGISTRATION INTENT:  If you have not returned your Registration Intent 2020-2021 Form, please do so immediately!. If a student plans to return to PMA in the FALL, it is crucial that we know this information ASAP as we are in the process of determining class sizes for next year.  We have significantly increased our applications for the incoming freshman class and current students who do not indicate their registration intent may be at risk of losing their space at PMA for the 2020-2021 School year
  • CEF/PMA Financial Assistance: If you have not submitted your CEF/PMA Financial Assistance  application with the necessary documentation, please do so immediately! Failure to submit the application may cause you to lose your tuition assistance/scholarship for the 2020-2021 school year.  Any questions, please contact Mrs. Garcia in the Tuition Office.
  • OUTSTANDING FEES: All unpaid sports fees, missed mandatory meeting fee and uncompleted service hours have been billed to your Smart Tuition account, to the month of March. 
  • PARENT SERVICE HOURS: If you did not complete all 20 Parent Service Hours for the 1st semester, all uncompleted hours were billed to your Smart Tuition Account.  Each uncompleted hour was billed at $20. Second semester parent service hours must be completed by April 30, 2020. Any uncompleted hours will be billed at $20 a hour.
  • SENIOR FEES: If your Senior Fees are not combined with your monthly tuition payment, the $450 Senior Fee is due in March added in addition to your regular tuition payment.
From the Dean of Campus Ministry:

Mr. Kim

562-861-2271 ext.. 2131


 Gabriel  Reyes`s profile picture


Mr. Reyes, Asst. Campus Minister

562-861-2271 ext.. 2131





  • TUESDAY MORNING MASS: Please join our PMA community for morning Mass in our PMA Chapel at 7:30AM.
  • Junior Retreat February 27/28 - The Junior class retreat “Glory Revealed” will take place this week on Thursday and Friday in Montebello. Students must arrive at PMA Thursday by 7:30am (Large Group Room), students can be picked up at PMA Friday starting at 3pm (Consuelo/Back of school).  If you have any questions or concerns please let us know, we are here to serve you and provide a safe and meaningful experience for every student. Thanks for your support.
  • Retreat Donations - Snack and Water Donations can be dropped off at PMA by Tuesday February 25. The Sign Up Genius Link was sent to Parent emails, here’s the link if it did not arrive in your email: If you need assistance please contact or the front office.
  • Soles for Souls Thank You - Thank you to all who donated shoes in support of the work of Soles for Souls ( This organization is making an impact in our world and changing many lives. As a PMA community we collected well over 300 shoes. We invite you to follow updates on our PMA instagram page for more details on our school delivery and donation results. Thank You! 
  • Student Service Hours - REMINDER! Students should submit Christian service hours immediately after completing any service. There are online forms (google forms) provided in Google Classroom. There are also QR codes in each class. Each school year our Christian Service goal is 25 hours of service. Please keep track of your end of year goal. If you have any questions please contact

From the Dean of Student Success:


 Lilian  Valenzuela`s profile picture

 Ms. Valenzuela

562-861-2271 ext. 2216

  • FAFSA: Seniors-Time is running out to ensure you’ll get the financial aid you need for school. If you have not submitted your FAFSA form, ACT Now before it is too late. Important: The State deadline is March 2, 2020.
  • COLLEGE PLANNING ASSEMBLY #4: Wednesday, March 4th. Senior students will receive information on  “what’s next?” to ensure that they are on track with the college application process and next steps. Students in grades 9th-11th will be completing course selection forms. Please talk and plan with your son/daughter to ensure academic success. Here are some tips to guide you with the course selection process:
    • Take a balanced set of classes.
    • Choose a smart range of college-prep courses. 
    • Show colleges a positive pattern. 
    • Know the admissions guidelines for top choice colleges. 
    • Pursue intellectual interests.
    • Meet PMA Graduation Requirements
    • Schedule an appointment with your academic counselor if you have any questions. Ms Torres, grade 9th-10th or Mrs Acker grades 11th-12th
  • STRONG ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS: What is organization? Organization is an efficient and orderly approach to tasks and keeping materials in order. Skills for organization are greatly related to the ability to plan, as one must have a plan for exactly how to organize! One of the key elements in learning organization is to have a place for everything ahead of time. This includes having binders or folders for each class in a notebook, having a hamper to put dirty clothes, and everything in between. Setting up systems for organization can lead to huge improvements, such as having a specific strategy for organizing binders or cleaning a room. It’s important to note, though, that organization takes real work even after systems have been set up! Learners must constantly re-organize and re-evaluate their systems for organization in order to stay neat and tidy in home, school, and beyond. 
  • TUTORING- Tutoring can help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills. Tutoring gives students individualized attention as well as an opportunity to work in small groups with classmates. This helps children who struggle to keep up, as well as those who aren't challenged enough. Please review the PMA Teacher Tutoring schedule and plan on attending a couple of times per week.  Pick up a copy of the tutoring schedule from my office, the counseling department or visit the  Student Portal page of our website.
  • MIDTERM EXAMS: Prep early for upcoming midterms from March 9-11. Start planning your study time and organize your notes. Schedule tutoring sessions with your teachers at PMA  if needed.
From the Dean of Student Life:
Pete Ramos's Profile Photo
  Mr. Ramos

562-861-2271 ext. 1041

  • The PMA Annual Blood Drive: is fast approaching. This year the Blood Drive will be held on Monday, March 23, 2020. Blood drive sign-ups will take place the week of Monday March 16 through Friday March 20.
 From the Dean of Character & Discipline:

562-861-2271 ext. 1050

  • FORMAL UNIFORM: The next Formal uniform day is scheduled for Wednesday February 26th, 2020 for Mass. All students must be in full formal uniform on this day including formal dress shoes. Any students not in formal uniform on this day, may be sent home and issued a detention.
  • PARENTS: This past week the PMA students watched, listened and participated with a Safety Program for schools and religious education throughout the Archdioceses called Empowering God's Children. The program is designed to help young people too know they have the power to protect themselves from harmful or threatening situations.
  • PARENTS/STUDENTS: Please note that student lockers are to be kept locked at all times and student valuables, including laptops etc. must be secured at all times in a locked locker, including during extra-curricular activities. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • PARENTS: When dropping off your student in the morning, Please remind them they are not allowed to leave campus once they are here, we are noticing that several students are leaving campus and PMA is not responsible for anything/situation that may happen while off campus.
From the Dean of Curriculum & Instruction:
 Nieshe  Washington`s profile picture
 Ms. Washington

562-861-2271 ext. 2232

  • MIDTERM WEEKS COMING UP - WEEK 10 (3/9/2020 - 3/11/2020): We will follow a special schedule during the week that students take their Midterm Exams:

    • Mon. 3/9 - Midterms Day 1: Midterm Exams for Periods 1 & 2 [Dismissal Time - 12:04 pm]
    • Tues. 3/10 - Midterms Day 2: Midterm Exams for Periods 3 & 4 [Dismissal Time - 12:04 pm]
    • Wed. 3/11 - Midterms Day 3: Midterm Exams for Period 5 & 6 [Dismissal Time - 12:04 pm]
    • These exams mark the end of quarter three. Please remind your son/daughter of the importance of starting to prepare and study for their midterms early (avoid cramming). Please encourage your son/daughter to take advantage of tutoring as a time to help them to prepare for their upcoming midterms. 
  • TEACHER TUTORING SCHEDULE: Please encourage your son and/or daughter to attend tutoring with their teachers to support their academic success. To access the updated Teacher Tutoring Schedule 19-20 (for Spring 2020) visit the Student Portal page of our website. 
  • HONORS/AP RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE 2019-2020 YEAR: All students who applied for a recommendation will receive a decision letter from the committee this week - on Tuesday, February 25th. Students who earn a recommendation from the committee will be given priority for course registration.  Students who did not apply or did not earn the recommendation for their course will be able to petition for reconsideration (see the letter decision letter for more information). 
  • AP EXAMS FEE BALANCE PAYOFF (PAST DUE): Is your son/daughter currently enrolled in an AP Course? If you have not yet paid off your son/daughters AP Exam Fee Balance for their AP Exams please note that this payment is past due. All AP Exam Fee Balances were due Monday February 3,  2020. If you have not yet paid your balance please do so immediately. Any unpaid AP fees will be added to your SMART tuition on March 1st due with March Tuition payment.  To determine the AP Exam Fee Deposit amount that must be submitted to the front office, please reference the AP Exam Fee Invoice that your son/daughter received via email (on November 16th) to their email address. If you have any questions regarding AP Exam fee deposits please email Ms. Washington
From the Directors of Advancement & Alumni Relations/Fundraising Coor:
 Gabriela  Santos`s profile picture
 Ms. Santos,  AlumniRelations&Fundraising Coor.

562-861-2271 ext. 1022



 Renee  Salvador`s profile picture
Mrs. Salvador, Dir. of Advancement

562-861-2271 ext. 1025

  • Save the Date: Quartermania - Saturday, April 25th in PMA’s gym
 Anthony  Boulahoud`s profile picture
Mr. Boulahoud, Admissions Officer

562-861-2271 ext. 1040

  • Class of 2024 Update: Please keep all applicants in your prayers during the Admissions Process. Applicants have taken the Placement Test and are undergoing interviews.
From the Director of Athletics:
 Bob  Santisteven`s profile picture
 Mr. Santisteven

562-861-2271 ext. 1030

  • SPORTSMANSHIP: Remember to always practice Warrior Pride and sportsmanship in supporting us and our opponents!
  • TEAMS IN CIF FINALS:  Our Boys Basketball continues their drive for a CIF and a State Title, stay tuned for news on our next games!
  • BOOSTER CLUB:  Volunteers are needed to help at our athletic events. You can earn Parent hours by helping to staff our athletic events or by donating items to the teams or Booster club for snack bar. Please contact the Athletic Director or Booster Club  if interested. You can also earn hours by donating items for the snack bar or teams.
  • ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION:  If you are trying out for a spring sport :
  1. You should of filled out and returned the “Athletic Team Participation Sport Fee Agreement” to your coach by Feb 14 or you will not be allowed to further participate until you return the form.  This form states if you choose to pay the Athletic Fee of $200 by Feb. 21 or if you want to be billed on your Smart Tuition account.
  2. YOU must complete the athletic clearance information on our website. Go to click on warrior HQ and then click on registration. On the top right hand side of the page click more, then on the left column you will see athletic clearance. If you do not have an account, register as a new user.
  3. You must have all paperwork done with a current physical exam to participate in tryouts or off season workouts during the school year. if you have any questions you can email or call the athletic director at ext 1030.
    • Spring Sports (Boys/Girls Track & Field, Boys Volleyball,  Baseball, and Softball) are starting to play games. Remember you must have your physical exam and complete the Athletic clearance form to participate.
  • GAMES: 
    • Boys Varsity Basketball- TBA
    • Baseball- Tues 2/25 vs Firebaugh-3:00, Thursday 2/27 vs Norwalk-3:00, Saturday 2/29 vs Avalon(DH) 11 & 1
    • Boys Volleyball- Tuesday 2/25 vs Hawthorne MSA- 5:00
  • ATHLETIC EVENTS: Please visit  website to see the most current events happening in our athletic department.
  • WINTER/SPRING SPORTS FEES:  All Winter/Spring fees should have been paid or you turned in your form saying that you wanted it billed to your Smart account. 
  • The PMA athletic department is in need of a chest freezer.  If you have a chest freezer or know someone who wants to get rid of it, we would appreciate the donation. 
 Ms. Turcios

562-861-2271 ext. 1011

  • FEBRUARY WORKSHOP: Saturday, Feb. 29, from 10 AM- 12 PM. Lead by Mr. David Gidlow; Resume building and interview skills. Mandatory to be eligible to attend OSP retreat.
  • OSP RETREAT: Friday, March 20-Sunday, March 22 at Camp Stevens. Permission slips will be handed out during February's workshop. 





prayer corner


As we begin the Lenten Season, we invite you to consider growing in deeper faith by spending daily time with our Lord by reflecting on the gospels. Sign up here to receive a daily email direct to your inbox (beginning on Ash Wednesday, 2020) with a short reflection on the gospel passage for the day. Written by a variety of authors, each reflection is designed to help you delve deeper into the richness of the gospel. 

Please continue to include your prayer request here. Your prayer request will be included in our daily and weekly prayer gatherings as a school community. 

We keep the following intentions in our prayers: 

  • For those prayer intentions requested in our online prayer request, including:
    • All PMA students, may the Holy Spirit inspire them with strong conviction in the faith.
    • PMA teachers, May God grant you all the grace to teach with love and care
    • For the needs of the school and may God lead the school in passing the faith to new generations.
    • For our PMA families to always seek truth and justice with mercy and compassion.



Ms. Palacio

562-861-2271 ext. 1002


Mrs. Garcia

562-861-2271 ext. 1023



Ms. Torres 

562-861-2271 ext 1026



Ms. Acker

562-861-2271 ext 1016