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Technology Overview

Technology Mission:
To provide the support for an infrastructure and system that enables the community to have access to internet, devices (e.g. iMacs, Chrome books, Macbooks, iPads) and other technology to support our mission and vision. 
  • To build a future-ready infrastructure that will support the educational needs for a 21st century learning environment
  • To create educational technology leaders within the faculty and student body to connect learning to a global community
  • To enable students to be future ready and gain skills for the global economy
Technology Summary
  • 1GB/per second WIFI Speed with Access points in every classroom for 1:1 access
  • Research Library: 30 iMacs with Sierra OSX, iMovie and Garageband
  • 14 Interactive Displays with LED screen and Touch Technology
  • 7 Short-Throw Epson Projects 
  • MAKERSPACE with Makerbot Replicator 5th Generation
  • 3D Pens 
  • Fully equipped STEAM Lab with tools and sustainable materials
Educational Technology
  • PowerSchool 
  • Naviance for College and Career
  • Google Classroom for Learning Management
  • Google Apps (G Suite) such as Docs, Slides, Drive
  • Quizlet
  • Kahoot!
  • Mastering Platforms (Pearson)
  • MBS Books
  • Supersite

    Every PMA Graduate will:
    • Understand what it means to be a Digital Citizen and how to present himself or herself in
      the digital world
    • Learn how to type at least 35 WPM
    • Learn the basics of coding 
    • Know how to make a website
    • Know how to use Google Apps such as Google Classroom, Docs, Drive and Slides
    • Know how to use Apple products such as iMovie and YouTube Movie Editor
    • Experience using the Makerbot 3D Printer and creating in the Makerspace