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Acceptable Use Policy


All enrolled students are responsible for the following information in addition to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook. Please read and understand the policies and guidelines regarding using technology during school hours. Ultimately, please remember that technology must be used only for academic reasons only - no exceptions. The Academic Technology Policy includes the following:


  • No personal phones or tablets will have access to PMA Student WIFI. Only approved devices with an assigned IP address will have access to the internet.
  • Your computer will have a unique IP address. This address will be monitored by the IT Manager for any inappropriate conduct online which includes but is not limited to: streaming movies or shows, iMessage, Google Chat, messaging, unauthorized Skype or video messaging, video games, illegal downloading of movies on bit-torrent, and any non-academic related sites while on campus and using PMA WIFI.
  • No use of hotspots are allowed. Any hotspots detected will be tracked and count as inappropriate phone usage in school and class time.
  • Phone usage in class will be based on the discretion of the teacher. Phone usage is not allowed during school and should never be out in display. Please see the Parent-Student Handbook for more details.
  • Headphones should not be used during school unless doing an academic activity. This means you cannot walk around school with headphones on. This implies that your phone is on and being used in a non-academic situation.
  • Google Classroom will be used by teachers to collect assignments, give feedback and make announcements. Everyone MUST have a PMA email account.
  • Anyone with smartwatches (Apple, Google, etc) must take off their watches during quizzes and tests. Please turn off all messaging notices during class.


  • The PMA email is exclusively for academic matters only. Students may not use their email address to sign up for anything other than school related apps.
  • The picture for PMA Email should be of the student and not of a celebrity or symbol.
  • Students are expected to write respectful emails to teachers as  needed and start with “Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. Teacher’s Last Name”.
  • Students must understand that all teacher correspondence will be answered in no later than 24 hours. Some teachers may respond earlier. However, please only send one email for each matter.
  • Do not ever share your email password or account access with another student.
  • All emails must have a signature at the end of the email with the student’s name
    and class year:
    First Name Last Name, Class of ______.


  • The class of 2023 are required to use Macbooks or Chromebooks made 2015 and up.
  • Students who do not have a laptop for more than three days will be referred to the Dean of Students. It is imperative that all students have a laptop device to academically participate at PMA.
  • The device must be fully charged 100% at the beginning of the school day. There is no charging during class. Students may only charge their device before school, break, lunch, and after school.
  • The device may not be shared with another person at any time. No exceptions.
  • All notifications for social media (i.e. Twitter, Instagram) must be turned off on the computer. If a teacher sees a notification come on, they may take your device.
  • GB storage and RAM are only important if you want to use the computer for graphic design and moviemaking of your own. We will be using the Google Apps for Education which give students UNLIMITED storage for files.


  • Teachers may ask students to put “Lids down” as a sign to stop working on computer and to listen to instructions.
  • Students may not share devices at any time. If you forget to bring your laptop, you will be writing everything on paper. Each teacher will give you specific alternative instructions, if available. If an alternative is not available, it is the student's responsibility to either make up the work or face the possible consequence of not earning credit for that activity. The student is always responsible for the completion of that assignment.
  • Students cannot charge devices during class. See General rules of instruction.
  • Notes being taken in class may be collected by the teacher in Google Classroom.
  • Screens (Macbooks) may not have multiple desktops. We are aware of switching desktops. One swipe will reveal all activities you are conducting on the computer. Any person who is playing a game, watching a movie, or anything other than what they are supposed to do in class will be issued a detention. Repeat offenders will be referred to the Dean of Students and face further disciplinary action.
  • iMessaging, texting, group texting, Tweeting, or chatting with others, being on social media (for non-academic purposes), online shopping and being on any non-academic, non subject related website is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught doing these activities in class may have their device taken away for that day. Devices will be turned over to the Dean of Students.

*** Administration reserves the right to add or modify this list as needed. ***

For more information or help with technology matters,

please contact  Mr. Small