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Dear Parents and Students, 
Welcome to PMA. I am Dr. Fisher and I am the Social Science Department instructor for sophomore-year World History and AP European History. I also teach a Comparative Religion course for juniors and seniors as a social science elective. This course considers the nature and role of religion in human history and society in general, and compares and contrasts the various beliefs and practices of the world's faith traditions in particular. 

My teaching focuses on developing my students’ appreciation for the way philosophy, religion, and history contribute to the various forms of cultural identity that they will encounter over the course of their personal and professional lives as citizens of a global economy. The study of these disciplines require students to think critically while at the same time engaging sensitively with the thoughts and traditions of people different from themselves. I encourage my students to consider a particular text or topic that we are studying as a unique voice amidst a symphony of human inquiry seeking to discern what is of ultimate value for the author and her wider community. In short I do not teach my students what to think, but instead encourage them to develop their critical reasoning skills so that they may determine for themselves the type of life they want to live while at the same time respecting the lives and decisions of others.