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Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments for the 2017-2018 School Year 

All students are required to complete summer assignments according to their teacher's instructions on Google Classroom (and handouts provided below).
  • English 9: Mr. Jay -
  • English 10: TBD
  • English 11: Ms. Luttrell and TBD -
  • AP Language and Composition: Ms. Luttrell -
  • English 12: Mr. Jay and Ms. Luttrell
  • AP Literature: Mr. Jay -
  • Yearbook Summer: Ms. Arzaga -
  • AP European History: Dr. Fisher -
  • AP U.S. History: Mr. Flores -
  • AP Government & Politics: Mr. Sered -
  • AP Psychology: Mrs. Graciano -

AP Biology: Ms. Washington -
•Completion of FLINN AP Biology Prep Course [Units 1-15]. Note: Unit assessments must be passed with an 80% or better.
•Hand Written Notes from FLINN AP Biology Prep Course [Units 1-15] in a Mead Five Star 5-Subject Spiral Notebook.