St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy Recognize your Significance, Seize your Opportunities

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Recognize Your Significance...Seize Your Opportunities at PMA!

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While all Catholic schools seek to instill faith and knowledge, Pius Matthias Academy goes many steps beyond to ensure nothing stands in the way of our students recognizing their significance in our school community, seizing opportunities as students and leaders, and emerging as empowered citizens of their communities and the world.

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  • St. Pius X - St. Matthias Academy Campus Master Plan4:11 Campus Master Plan

    This year, we begin Phase 1 of our Campus Master Plan. This includes a new softball and baseball field, modernized classrooms, and a new football and track stadium and more.

    Uploaded Aug 14, 2017
  • St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy Video00:15 St. Pius X - St. Matthias Academy

    Uploaded Dec 07, 2016
  • 2:40 Univision- Admin Segment

    Uploaded Nov 03, 2017
  • 4:04 Remember, Re-engage, Renew

    We have a rich history of traditions and memories born from two communities of faith and friendship found at Pius X High School and St. Matthias High School. In 2013 we united the legacy of both traditions to create St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy. Watch our journey through the early years.

    Uploaded Nov 21, 2017 to Alumni
  • 8:41 What is Eucharistic Adoration

    This video was created by LA Seminarian, Alex Salcedo and features PMA students in adoration, part of the Eucharistic spirituality of our school.

    Uploaded Oct 26, 2019 to Faith

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