PMA strives to engage students with our deep connection to God through a set time designed to connect them to their sense of pride, virtue and purpose. We believe that the spiritual life is foundational in the culture of the school and a cornerstone of a Catholic education.  

At St. Pius X - St. Matthias Academy, grade level has two mandatory retreats, one per semester, and it gives each soul, no matter the age, a time to pause and ask the pertinent questions about our lives and to find some answers that can help us begin again. 

All Seniors attend Karios, which is all about stepping into God’s time. The atmosphere on a Kairos retreat offers seniors the opportunity to be with God and to experience His presence through their community. Kairos is more than a retreat, it is a journey. Students get the chance to intimately reflect on their life and discern where God is calling them in the future.

Sophomore Retreat: Discovery


Sophomore Retreat: Thursday, November 11 

All sophomores are pre-registered for the retreat

No payment needed: All retreat fees are covered through you PMA Activities Fee (CMSA fee)


Location: St. Raymond’s (Parish Hall and Church)

12320 Paramount Blvd. Downey

Parent drop-off: Starts at 7:45am. Use parking lot and walk to hall

Parent pick-up and check-out: Starts at 3:30pm. Use parking lot and walk to hall

(Enter parking lot via Quiot St.)



See parking map, pictures, and instructions HERE


Required forms have been provided to students in class during the past week, 

If forms are missing or another copy is needed, click on the links below


Sophomore Retreat Forms, Checklist, and Procedures

Permission Form

Youth Behavior Contract

Packing List/Do Not Bring List

Medication Authorization and Permission form