Below are a list of resources we compiled to help navigate this important topic. Many questions have emerged from our students, parents, and community members. Below are a list of some of the questions we have received along with links to help provide further info!

How Can I Learn More?

Visit the COVID Collaborative Campaign where major brands, media companies, community-based organizations, faith leaders and other trusted messengers unite to spread awareness about the COVID-19 vaccine with a focus on communities that have been hit hardest by the pandemic.


When Can Children Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?


What Do We Know Today About How the Vaccines Work?


What Are the Risks Associated with taking the Vaccine?

Did you know that the risk of getting hit by lightning is 1 in 15,300? The risk of getting into a car accident is 1 in 366 for every 1,000 miles driven. The risk of getting an adverse effect from the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 Vaccination is 1 in 318,000. There were 44 cases out of more than 14 million doses. Read more below.



What Does the Catholic Church say?

Pope Francis and six cardinals and archbishops from the US and Latin America have come together for a message of unity in support of COVID-19 vaccines and access for all.


Read the statement from the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith


Read the National Catholic Bioethics Center Statement


Vaccination is a Life Issue. Listen to an expert panel from around the world discuss the COVID-19 vaccine from a Catholic perspective, moderated by New York Times best-selling author and Catholic speaker Jeannie Gaffigan.


How Does the Vaccine Affect Student-Athletes?

Check out COVID Safe Zones for Student-Athletes


How Can We Keep Schools Open this Year?


Who in the US Intends to Get Vaccinated?


Who in the World has Access to the Vaccine?


How can I Learn More about the Pro-Life Stances on the Vaccine?

Review a few resources about the use of fetal cell lines in the vaccine. 



Use this chart listing the use of fetal cell lines in the design & development, production, and testing of the COVID-19 Vaccines