Student Life

Student life at St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy (PMA) is vibrant and multifaceted, offering students numerous opportunities to engage, lead, and grow both personally and academically. Student life at PMA is dynamic and enriching, providing students with numerous opportunities to grow in faith, excel academically, and build meaningful connections with their peers. The supportive environment at PMA ensures that students are well-prepared for future success in all areas of their lives. 

Associated Student Body (ASB)

ASB is a cornerstone of student life at PMA, composed of student leaders elected by their peers. This organization plays a crucial role in fostering school spirit and ensuring that student voices are heard and acted upon. Through ASB, students organize and participate in a variety of events that build community and pride within the school.

Clubs and Activities

PMA offers a wide array of student clubs catering to diverse interests. These clubs provide students with opportunities to pursue their passions, develop new skills, and form lasting friendships. Whether students are interested in the arts, sciences, or community service, there is a club for everyone.

Special Events

The school hosts numerous events throughout the year, including rallies, dances, and celebrations. These events are designed to build community, celebrate achievements, and create lasting memories for students.