Senior Graduation Photos

Graduation Photo Packages for the Class of 2024

Celebrate and capture the special moments of your graduation with our exclusive photo packages tailored to suit your needs. Here are the options available:

Digital Download: $35

  • Get a digital copy of your graduation photo for easy sharing and printing.

Warrior Package: $95

  • 2 8x10” prints
  • 4 5x7” prints
  • 4 3x5” prints
  • 20 wallet-sized prints
  • Includes Digital Download

Sword & Shield Package: $75

  • 1 8x10” print
  • 2 5x7” prints
  • 4 3x5” prints
  • 15 wallet-sized prints
  • Includes Digital Download

Pius X Package: $55

  • 2 5x7” prints
  • 4 3x5” prints
  • 10 wallet-sized prints
  • Includes Digital Download

Each package is designed to provide a variety of print sizes for framing, gifting, and keeping in your wallet. The digital download option ensures you can share your proud moment with friends and family on social media or print additional copies as needed.

For more information or to place an order, please contact our photo services team. Make your graduation day unforgettable with these special photo packages!

Senior Graduation Photos


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